It's Elemental, Lessons That Engage (Heritage Music Press)

15 fully-processed lessons for lower, middle, and upper elementary grades demonstrating the
Orff  Schulwerk elemental process with a focus on rhythm, melody, tone color, texture, and form.
Original, folk, and traditional melodies with simple orchestrations; grade level is given for each
song. Gives clear lesson goals and skill objectives plus extensions and classroom tips.

It’s Elemental 2, More Lessons That Engage (Heritage Music Press)

This book is similar to volume 1 with the additional focus area of timbre. The collection contains
18 new, fully processed lessons for elementary grades. Each lesson lists the focus, suggested
grade level, skills used, process, performance ideas, and an extension activity. 3 lessons are given
in each focus area: rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form, and timbre. The songs presented
include world folk music, traditional tunes and original pieces. Simple orchestrations, poetry,
movement, games, and classroom management tips are included.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air!  A Suite for Voices, Narrator and Orff Instruments
(Heritage Music Press)

An exciting performance piece for upper elementary ensembles celebrating the
natural  "elements"of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  The work features unison, two and three-part
singing, speech ostinati, instrumental accompaniments, poetry, interpretive signing,
recorder playing and movement  suggestions.

Make a Joyful Sound!  A Celebration of Orff Schulwerk Media
(Heritage Music Press)

Thirty-nine processed activities for elementary grades (easy to challenging) celebrating Orff
Schulwerk media:  Body Percussion, Speech, Singing, Unpitched Percussion, Barred Instruments,
Recorder and Movement.  Activities feature a step-by-step process, a performance outline, and
suggestions for going further with the media focus from each activity.  Collection includes original,
traditional and world music songs, games and activities.

Too Much Noise!  (Heritage Music Press)

A unison musical approximately 25 minutes in length, created specifically for grade-level
performance by kindergarten through second grade students.  This resource comes complete
with a PA/ CD, piano/vocal scores, reproducible student scores and lyrics, costume and prop
templates, an easy-to-use program template, letters for your parents, and more!  Your classroom
teachers and administrators will be pleased to see you bringing quality children's literature
to life with the use of nursery rhymes and this fresh interpretation of the old tale.  
For more information and to hear excerpts from
Too Much Noise click here

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears (Heritage Music Press)

A unison musical approximately 30 minutes in length created for grade level performance by
third through sixth grade students.  Based on the familiar West African folktale with original music
and accessible arrangements for Orff ensemble.  This resource comes complete with a CD of
digital files which will enable you to make your props, plus reproducible lyric sheets, production
checklists, student scripts and more.   The CD also includes accompaniment tracks and an
entertaining performance of the entire play!  For more information and to hear excerpts from
Why Mosquitoes Buzz click here.

Sing a Song of Aesop (Heritage Music Press)

A unison musical approximately 25 minutes in length created for grade level performance by
second through fourth grade students. Five  of Aesop's beloved fables come to life with simple
scripts, catchy unison songs, easy choreography, and adorable costumes that anyone can
make. As with every "Tuneful Tales" musical, the included CD features patterns for costumes,
poster and program templates, and so much more - all ready for you to customize and print. The
CD also includes a full performance recording along with accompaniment tracks. For more
information and to hear excerpts from Sing a Song of Aesop
click here.

What to Teach When ~ A Thoughtful and Engaging Music Curriculum (Heritage Music Press)
Grades 1 & 2/ Grade 3 & 4/Grades 4 & 5

Whether you are a new music educator or a seasoned veteran, you will never again have to
ask yourself "what to teach when." With more than fifty years of collective music education  
experience, Brian Hiller and Don Dupont are excited to bring you their tried-and-true curriculum.
Following their elemental approach, their curriculum targets developmentally appropriate skills
that every kindergarten and first grade student should master in the areas of melody, rhythm,
form, timbre, and texture. All visuals are available on the included CD-ROM, prepared for you in
full color.  To learn more and see excerpts from the What to Teach When
click here.

Ten to Teach Collection (Heritage Music Prress)
These collections are written by an incredible team of music educators and will get your students
out of their seats and engage them in music-making activities centered on the elements of
form and melody.  Teaching Guide and CD+ Printable Resources.

Activate! Music, Movement & More (Heritage Music Press)

Grades K-6 • Activate your students to love music, learn by doing, and be excited about
education with the many wonderful activities in these collections designed for educators
working with  elementary students. Featuring songs, lessons, and reproducible activities by
leading music experts, such as Artie Almeida, Mark Burrows, Eric Chappelle, Doug Edwards,
Denise Gagné, Greg Gilpin, Brian Hiller and Don Dupont, Kate Kuper, and Mari Schay, "Activate!"
is an all-you-need resource for the K-6 classroom teacher. Each compilation includes lesson plans
and a CD with numerous complementary recordings. Cross-curricular opportunities are
frequently provided,the National Standards for Music Education are always referenced, and all
student pages are reproducible!

      All publications are available from your favorite music vendor!
The Orff Anthology
The Best Lessons from the Legends of Orff-Schulwerk

Grades K–5 • Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association,
we've put together this collection of great material from the last half-century. It features true
legends of the Schulwerk, including Shirley McRae and Jim Solomon. Best of all, these lessons
are still as useful in classrooms as they have always been.
Process and Play
Using Barred Percussion to Develop Musical Skills
Don Dupont, Brian Hiller
Book and Data CD

Grades K–5 • Infuse your teaching with some fresh content! Brian Hiller and Don Dupont share
some of their tried-and-true lessons for each grade level in this versatile collection of ideas.
Your students will learn through making music, and you will have all the visual aids, printable
music, and teaching strategies you need to implement each lesson successfully.
Elemental Music Making
Thoughtful and Engaging Lessons for the Elementary Classroom
Don Dupont, Brian Hiller
Book and Data CD

Grades K–5 • Enrich your curriculum with these engaging, age-appropriate music lessons from
Brian Hiller and Don Dupont. Following the same formula as Brian & Don's popular What to
Teach When series, this collection includes three classroom-tested activities per grade level
that reinforce important concepts and develop meaningful music skills. Use these lessons as an
effective companion to "What to Teach When" or as a fresh addition to any other general
music curriculum. Projectables and reproducibles are included on the Data CD for added